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7 ways to improve your metabolism to lose weight

Slow metabolism is one of the most common reasons why people struggle with losing fat. Fortunately, metabolism is not something that is genetically given and there are many ways for making it faster. Are you wondering how to speed up your metabolism?

Metabolism could be described as the process which is responsible for gaining and releasing energy. Every human body needs to gain at least a some energy for completing its normal functions, such as breathing, keeping your organs working, doing physical activities, etc. We gain this energy by eating food. Every living being needs to gain a different amount of energy, depending on its age, weight and height. The faster is your metabolism, the more energy you burn and the less fat you gain.


Take a Cold Shower. Cold water increases metabolic rate and it forces body to re-regulate its temperature. If metabolic rate increases, the body burns calories faster.

Eat Breakfast Every Day If you don´t eat breakfast, your metabolism slows down and your body starts saving fats. According to medical researches, people who don´t eat breakfast every day are 4,5 times more likely to get lifestyle diseases or becoming obese.

Don´t Stress out There are two kinds of people. The first group tends to forget eating while being stressed out. The second group eats plenty of food to calm down. Considering how difficult it is to get rid of these habits, it is better to avoid the stressful situations. If you can`t avoid these situations, just do something that makes you happy to get relaxed.

Sleep Well. People who sleep less than 7.5 hours per day are more likely to suffer from obesity. They are probably less relaxed than the people who sleep longer.
Hiking is a great way to lift up your mood,
improve metabolism and lose weight!

Don´t Drink too Much of Alcohol. There are many bad things about alcohol that slow your metabolism down. Tendencies to eat more while drinking alcohol. - You don`t want to eat anything the day after, while having alcohol, so your body starts saving fats again.

Go Out and Get Some Fresh Air. It stimulates your heart rate and physiological functions of your body. Getting some fresh air also makes your brain work more efficiently, so it makes you less lazy.

Laugh. Laughter stimulates producing endorphins (hormones of happiness), so the opposite of the stress reaction happens and it makes your metabolism work better. It does not sound that difficult, right?

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