How to Choose Fish Oil Supplement

Fish oil one of the most recommended supplement on the market. Even doctors agree that Omega -3 acids may prevent heart disease, lower your blood pressure, and lubricate your joints. There are hundreds if not thousands of brands on the market. How to choose the right one?

1. Purity

Make sure the oil you choose is free of any metals and tested by independent companies to confirm purity. Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and nickel can lead to poisoning and are harmful to your health.

2. Potency

If you want your supplement to actually work, you need to choose a strong one. The concentration of at least 650mg of EPA and 350mg of DHA per serving is considered to be a pretty good oil.

3. Quality and price

When choosing fish oil price is a big factor. Cheap oils are much lesser quality. For instance, heat oil process used in cheap fish oil supplement kills many nutrients and vitamins. Current price range for a good quality fish oil is around  $30-$45 for 90 days supply.

After all, I hope you understand that buying cheap fish oil supplement is not only waste of your money but also risky for your health.

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