Benefits of Buckwheat.

Buckwheat is widely used in Europe but seems to be unknown for American consumers. Too bad, because these grains contain lots of mineral and vitamins necessary for the human body. Buckwheat was cultivated in Greece, however, spread out to many other countries quickly as it makes a healthy side dish. Buckwheat is especially popular in Russian and other ex-USSR countries.

The benefits of buckwheat include: 
  • a great amount of iodine and iron to support our brain activity. 
  • helps to regulate the digestive system 
  • great source of fiber 
  • keeps you full longer 
  • great for dieting 
  • may reduce bad cholesterol 
Buckwheat contains a great amount of folic acid that is especially important for pregnant women. Folic acid promotes normal development of the fetus and prevents heart diseases.

Besides, buckwheat helps to calm the nervous system, promotes a sound sleep, releases extra liquid from the body, reducing swelling.

Thanks to the calcium, buckwheat promotes healthy teeth, nails, and hair.

And best of all, buckwheat groat can't be genetically modified.

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