Aromatherapy & Essential oils benefits!

Winter is a great time to pamper yourself in Spa or Sauna!
How about a few drops of essential oils?

Eucalyptus oil is cleansing, purifying and invigorating. Helps to fight viruses during flu season.

Lavender oil is soothing and balancing. It also tones skin.

Fir Needle oil works wonders if you have sore muscles. It's also widely used in liniments, ointments and balms to reduce rheumatic pain and as a skin antiseptic.

Tea Tree oil has antiseptic and anti-microbial properties. Used in aromatherapy as well as massage.

Peppermint oil is refreshing and cleansing. Widely used in cosmetology to treat skin issues.
Other products that will make your SPA experience more enjoyable!
Natura Bella Facial masks are Professional Aesthetic HydroFacial Masks that will help you achieve a beautiful skin.
  • All Natural, GMO, Parabens, Paraffin FREE.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Infused with Organic Ingredients.
  • Cruelty-FREE. Not tested on animals.

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Developed in Italy. Manufactured in the USA.
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