"Sulsena" paste 2% anti-dandruff treatment

Thanks to sulfide content of 2% SeS2 (selenium disulfide) and a complex of useful additives, the paste normalizes the function of scalp sebum excretion, promotes elimination of dandruff and annoying itching, removal of exogenous toxins that destroys hair roots. It promotes hair strengthening and growth, raises the hair tonus and prevents destructive processes in the area of hair growth.
It effectively recovers vital functions of scalp cells; brighten, renders healthy looking and elasticity to the hair.

Result: absence of dandruff and annoying itching, scalp sebo-control, hair invigoration, effective anti-dandruff protection with prolonged action.
To achieve maximal effect, it is recommended that the paste be used in combination with SULSENA anti-dandruff shampoo.

Direction: wash the hair using warm water and shampoo and then rub enough of the paste with circular motions by finger-tips into the scalp at hair roots. Hold after rubbing 10 - 15 min and rinse with warm running water.

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  1. I've tried many things to reduce head rush. After second time I used this suls paste I've got a good result. It works for me. I will recommend it!