Almased synergy diet review

Almased Synergy Diet
Speed up and improve your metabolism. Chemicals FREE. Soy+Yogurt+Honey.

I use Almased Synergy diet powder to improve my metabolism and it really works! Now I'm on my 2nd can. THE BEST THING that you can even LOOSE WEIGHT if substitute 2 meals a day with this shake. Some people are complaining about the taste, however you just need to know how to mix it. If you mix it with water (for less calories) it might not be very pleasant to consume. I use it with organic 2% milk or soy milk. It's tastes so good! Also it's highly recommended (by manufacturer) to add a little bit of oil into shake, such as olive oil. However, I found that I can get most benefits from Walnut, Pumpkin and miracle Sea Buckthorn oil rather than olive oil. Make sure you get the purest and highest quality oils!