Essential Oils For Steam Saunas

One of the most popular accessories for steam saunas is an essential oil scent bowl. Suspended over the saunas heating unit, these scent bowls usually have a tiny hole in the bottom so the essential oil and water mixture can slowly drip down and release the scent into the warm, steamy air. Not only does this create a very pleasing environment for the sauna bather, some essential oils are purported to further augment the health benefits of sauna bathing.

For instance, essential oil of eucalyptus, which is one of the most popular oils for use in saunas, is reported to have additional benefits for the respiratory system. Commonly used in natural cough and cold remedies, eucalyptus helps to clear the bronchial passages and reduce sinus congestion.

Another essential oil which is commonly used for respiratory problems or infections is pine. Not only is essential oil of pine good for the lungs, it is also one of the more invigorating oils. It is especially pleasant to help revive the sauna bather after a long, tiring day. Also, oil of pine can help reduce the pain and inflammation of joint problems like arthritis. Essential oil of rosemary is also especially good for relieving fatigue. It is also considered to be a powerful general remedy for many different health conditions, and is good for boosting the bathers sense of general well-being.

A blend that is of particular interest to women is cajeput and lemon oil. Cajeput is a well-known muscle relaxant and antiseptic. Essential oil of lemon is used for its bactericidal and disinfecting capabilities. It is also considered to be a powerful restorative. This blend is commonly thought to be ideal for use if the bather feels a cold coming on, or simply to give a boost to the immune system.

These are just a few of the wonderful scents available as accessories for saunas.

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