5 Top Russian health & beauty products you must try!

#1. Sea Buckthorn oil. 
  Many people believe that Sea Buckthorn is a miracle product and I may easily agree with that. It can help you not only with different health conditions but with many skin problems as well. There are a lot of brand names on the market (Weleda, Sibu to name a few) but we'd love to introduce Russian brands of Sea Buckthorn oil.  Why? This little miracle berry is very common in Russia which makes Sea Buckthorn oil is much less expensive than American alteratives.
  One very popular brand is Diveevo Sea Buckthorn oilhttp://greeneyetrading.com/altay-sea-buckthorn-oil/ ($9.99/100ml):

 This is high quality oil, comes in bottle of 100ml, however, please note that it's not pure sea buckthorn oil. Diveevo Sea Buckthorn oil is diluted with Sunflower seeds oil. If you see this oil somewhere in Internet claiming it's 100% pure, do not believe the source. Diluted doesn't exactly mean bad. This is a very good quality oil, ecpecially for skin care but it's not the best (a bit weak) digestive supplement to treat medical conditions. SO if the purpose for you to treat gastritis or other health problems you may consider buying pure Sea buckthorn oil with higher % of carotinoids. The manufacturier of Diveevo oil doesn't state % of carotinoids in the oil.

Gornoaltayskoe Sea Buckthorn oil is an awesome oil from Russian "Altay Bouquet" company. It's the best most affordable choice for people seeking to improve their health.
It comes in bottles of 50ml ($5.99) or 100ml. It has not less than 25mg% of carotenoids. 1 serving (2 tea spoons per day) of the oil provides you with 30% of carotenoids and 7.2 % of vegetable fats of daily value.

 We would also recommend you Sea Buckthorn oil in capsules produced in USA by Salem Botanicals (the company is owned by Russians). The bottle contain 60 gel capsules by 650mg. You will need to take 2 capsules 2 times daily. ($16.99 per bottle)
This supplement contain very high % of Beta-carotine (260% or 13 000UI per serving). The manufacturer  claims it to be the best and most effective Sea Buckthorn oil supplement avaliable on the american market.

#2.  Tar soap.
Tar is known for it's very unique proporties which help in many skin conditions. Many medicated anti-itching, anti-dandruff shampoos contain tar in their ingredients list. Besides that, tar is pretty good in fighting acne because it has very good antiseptic qualities, plus it tends to dry out pimples which leads to faster healing. There are 2 common types of tar BIRCH tar and PINE tar. The most common type on USA market is pine tar, however Birch tar is most common in Europe and Russia.

Here is very natural Birch tar soaphttp://greeneyetrading.com/birch-tar-soap/ ($6.99) which you must try if you have any skin conditions.
It doesn't contain any dyes or preservatives.

#3.  Altay Mumye (Shilajit)
This product is almost unknown for people outside of Russia/ ex-USSR counrties and India because it can only be found on Caucasus, Altay and Tibet Mountains. I can spend a lot of time explaining all the benefits of this very unique supplement but I'll only give you a few links to make it short.
Here's info from Wikipedia
Here you can find a short description of Mumio benefits. By the way,  the name of the product can be spelled differently (Mumio, Moomyo, Mumye)

The product I'm offering is the purest and most natural and it isn't expensive ($6.99)
It might not have a pleasant taste but the benefits are unlimited. Almost a panacea.

#4.  Chaga (Birch fungus)
 Chaga is very known in Russia. It has very positive effect on metabolism and immune system. Many doctors believe it can even treat cancer.

Chaga Tea ($9.99)   The easiest way to benefit from Chaga is to drink a cup of nice tea.

#5.  Cedar Nut oil.
Cedar oil is produced from the kernels of Siberian pine nuts (Cembra pine) gathered in ecologically pure regions of Siberia and the Far East. Contains a unique combination of biologically active substances: Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3(PP), D, E, F; micro- and macro elements (phosphorus, iodine, copper, magnesium, zinc, cobalt, manganese, polyunsaturated fatty acids; vegetable proteins and fats)

Since cedar oil is very rich with vitamins and other substances that are important for human's body, regular use of the oil will improve your mood, tonus and help to overcome insomnia, as well as boost your immune system. Cedar nut oil might get a little expensive but we're proud to offer you a very natural and, at the same time, affordable Siberian Cedar nut oil ($9.99 for 50ml)


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