Benefits of Mumio (Shilajit). How to treat acne naturally.

Mumijo (alternative spelling: Mumio, Moomyio, Moomyo or SHILAJIT) is a natural thick, sticky tar-like substance found in Caucasus, Altay and Tibet mountains. It's composition is very unique and contain at least 85 minerals. 

Mumijo is very popular in Russia and India and confirmed to have following properties:
- Anti-flammatory (arthritis, rheumatism)
- Dispel pain
- Anti-ucler
- Anti-anxiety, anti-stress
- Nootropic effect
- Anti-aging (both mental and physical)
- Anti-allergy
- Anti-acne
- Can treat stretch marks, burns, scars

How to treat acne using MUMIJO. 

Method #1
1. Dissolve 5g of pure mumijo in 1 tea spoon of warm boiled water.
2. Mix substance with 80-100g of baby cream (can use any facial cream as well), use empty container from facial cream to store anti-acne substance.
3. Apply on problem area 1 time daily.
4. Keep in fridge. (not freezer)

Method #2
Mix mumio with water until cream-like consistency, apply on face, wait 15-20 min, rinse.

Method #3
Make 4% Mumio solution (Mumio + pure water), pour to ice tray and freeze. Use ice cubes instead of your facial toner every morning.